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Unfortunately, there is no "magic pill" that you can take to lose weight. Trust me. If there were, everyone would be slim and trim. But think for a moment about the slim and trim people in your life. What are they doing differently from you? Are they more active? Do they make different food choices than you do? Do they put down that fork before they are full? Who says that you can't live the same lifestyle? I have news for you...you can!

But maybe working out at a health club scares you. It can be a bit intimating. Putting together a daily menu of healthier food choices can be hard as well. And having workout buddies would be great (as long as they didn't have to see you workout!) What would you say if I could provide you with the details to build this type of health club, including the meal planning, in your OWN home...virtually...on the internet. Workout with your friends, yet workout in the privacy of your own home for less than half what it would cost to purchase a health club membership. Sound too good to be true? It's not! It is available at the stroke of your computer keyboard.

The Team Beachbody Club is a virtual community of people working together to achieve health and fitness goals similar to those that you desire. They all use the best resources, tools and information available to them...each other!

Team Beachbody workout DVD's, along with Shakeology are the most effective products available to help you get fitter, stronger, leaner and healthier for way less than the cost of a gym membership. Most workouts can be done in less than an hour. In fact, one set of workouts takes just 10 minutes a day. Do you have 10 minutes a day to get in the best shape of your life? OK, then how about just replacing a meal a day with Shakeology to start (this is NOT your momma's Slim Fast)! Start seeing results and you will be encouraged to do more!

As your Team Beachbody Coach, I can provide guidance, inspiration and information that you need to succeed. My services are included for free in your Team Beachbody free membership plan.

But, for just $2.99 a week (and the cost of a set of workout DVDs of your choice), you will still have me as your personal coach, PLUS a workout and nutrition plan and have access to all of the resources and support and guidance that you need to succeed. It is that simple.

Not only all that, but with the Team Beachbody Club membership, you receive a 10% discount on everything you purchase in your own Team Beachbody online store.

There is no reason NOT to start a fitness program today. The time is now because the time will pass whether you do something about your lifestyle today or not. Don't waste that time...use it!

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